The EBC process

So why rely on East Bench Composites to fix your bike?

With our ultrasound capabilities we can tell if your bike will need a repair with accuracy.
-We're professional and thorough
There is a right way to professionally repair a carbon fiber bicycle, so that it is safe, trustworthy, and reliable. At East Bench Composites, we pride ourselves on our process that we have dialed in specifically for the repair in question. We start with an A-Scan pulse-echo ultrasound combined with a tap test to ensure all the damaged material is removed from the bike.
-We match the original design of the frame to get the ride feel correct

Our skilled technicians read the carbon laminate layer by layer so that each replacement ply of carbon fiber is properly oriented to match the original layup of the bicycle thereby matching the original strength and stiffness. We design our repair patch unique to each bicycle we repair, using the aerospace standard 20:1 Scarf ratio to ensure proper load transfer from the patch to the parent material.

-We use the right stuff and double check our work
We use only the correct prepreg carbon fiber with optimized fiber/resin ratio in order to eliminate voids, volatiles, and uncured resin. We cure our patches using a heat controller that is constantly self adjusting to ensure the specified cure cycle is completed.  Lastly, we inspect our work with the same A-scan pulse echo ultrasound that we started with to ensure that no damage remains. 

-Your bike deserves it, don't skip on a quality repair

There are 'DIY carbon repair kits' out there that we strongly caution against. These kits use two part resin systems which lead to matrix variability, cheap tape wrap leading to uneven compaction, and a carbon fabric that is NOT the material that your bike was intended to use. At East Bench Composites we promise that we will never skimp on costs by using these methods, and neither should you.